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Cream & Ali's Litter

Cream and Ali's puppies were born Aug. 7th.

They have all found new homes. If you are interested in future litters just reach out to us at 989-386-9082.

Click here for more photos and info..

Past puppies and Testimonials

Hi Grace,


We just love him to pieces! We like the name Nico so much that we kept it for him . Here’s a picture of him chewing on a toy bone on his favorite snuggling blanket, and a picture of him in a little sweater for his walks . I will definitely keep you updated as he grows!

Meet the Beagle/Cavaliers! They are super sweet dogs. They have the smarts and intelligence of both the Beagle and Cavalier. Beagliers look much like a Beagle but have a shorter nose, longer ears, and those wonderful enchanting Cavalier eyes!

They are also excellent family companions and wonderful therapy dogs. Beagliers have a very sweet, mellow temperament and get along very well with children.

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